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Little Traditions

Our Tree

Our Tree

I’ve been struggling with Christmas this year.  For a variety of reasons, it has been hard to get into the Christmas mood.

I began remembering when my brother and I were little.  We would sneak into the living room Christmas morning, while our parents slept.  They had been up the night before wrapping gifts till the wee hours.  We would identify which gifts were for whom, and then we would pick which to open first.

After that we would move on to the stockings.  We would lay the stocking on the coffee table then ever so meticulously we would remove each item from the stocking.  Ohhing and Aahhing, then we would place everything back the way it was, in the same order and position so just in case the parents’ coffee had made them more alert by the time we got to the stockings they wouldn’t know we peeked.

Finally, we would spend the rest of the time waiting playing with the board game or coloring book they left unwrapped under the tree to keep us occupied.  The television stayed off.

We did this every year.  Though I don’t remember having a coloring book when I was fifteen, but it was still tradition to chill quietly in the living room till the parents woke…or eleven o’clock came.  We couldn’t let them sleep all day.

Did you have little when you were growing up?