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Reading during a storm

My most favorite reading place as a child was under the dining room table.  My parents bought a ninety-year-old house when I was eight, just after my father left the military.  It was the fixer-upper of which they had always dreamed.  One thing about living on the southeastern coast of the US, the summers are hot and humid.  In a ninety-year-old fixer-upper there is no central air.  Window units in those days were large and expensive.  We couldn’t afford to put them in every room in the house.  We had one for the downstairs that cooled the living and dining rooms and two upstairs for my parents’ bedroom and my father’s computer room.

My brother and I slept in the living and dining rooms for the summers.  My brother got the room with the television.  I got the one directly under the air conditioner.  As an asthmatic, I loved the chilled air, and the noise drowned out the television so I could read.

When hurricane season hit I still slept and read under the dining room table.  I have fond memories of reading a fantasy adventure story with rain lashing against the taped windows, the storm providing excellent sound effects for my imagination.

To this day, I look forward to snuggling up with a book during a storm.  These days I’m just as likely to be writing as I am reading, and I’m content to work at the table rather than under it.

We are likely to lose power in the next day or so.  The talking weather-heads say that the power outages could last for days.  If that’s the case, I expect to make substantial progress on the sequel to Creatures of the Moon, though my children and husband may go through gadget withdrawal.

May all of you weather the storms in your lives, be they actual or metaphorical, and come out the other side whole.

Newspaper Article

Today, weeks after a lovely interview over the phone, an article about Creatures of the Moon is in the Scranton Sunday Times. It’s a small column on the bottom left corner of the front of the Lifestyle section.

20120902-203440.jpgOnce again I did a happy dance in public. “It’s in the paper!” I call out while grabbing a stack of papers and wiggling. Of course everyone in the place is now looking at me so I have to explain. I deposit my papers on the counter and hold up the lifestyle section for everyone to see. “My paranormal romance was published and the interview for it is in the paper.”

A fellow clapped. A couple people others looked at the page. And the cashier called me famous.

I’m not, of course, but it was still so very cool of her to say.

It’s exciting. I just hope that the people who will read Creatures of the Moon will enjoy it and tell their friends.

20120902-203449.jpgFor those of you who’ve come to the site to learn more about my book, welcome.



Romance Beyond – Interview with Ryan Williams

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!  Ten more days until Creatures of the Moon is released.  So I’m  stepping it up and counting down the next ten days with a blog entry every day.

Today, I’m blogging at http://romancebeyond.com/

I’ve interviewed the hero of Creatures of the Moon, Ryan Williams. Stop by, take a look, tell your friends.