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Chocolate should be packed in first aid kits

I first wrote this post for my personal blog, but as I’m on a roll with my current work in progress…enjoy.


I live mostly in my head. When I reveal that I work with computers for a living and have a secondary career as a novelist, people tend to respond with the all knowing “Ah.” As if that explains it all.

It explains why I have a distant stare in tranquil moments. It explains why, out of a peaceful silence I’ll explode with an “Oh, that’s why…” then go quiet again while I scribble frantically. It also explains why I prefer not to have drama in the house if I can help it. Unfortunately, attempting to curtail the insanity often brings it on full blast.

You see, mediating flaring tempers needs to be done with the lightest touch. As if working with sweating dynamite. Sentences formed exactly so, spoken with just the right inflection. All body language relaxed and reassuring so all parties can tell that you understand. A micro expression at the wrong moment can cause a chain reaction. – BANG–

I’ll be spending the next hour or so in my room with a cold cloth over my eyes and chocolate at my side.