Paranormal Practice Series

The Paranormal Practice Series follows Dr. Josephine Lester, her psychiatry practice in the town of Villa Hollow, and her romance with Sheriff Nathan Holmes.

The first book, Paratherapist: At Your Service releases on March 13, 2015, and is available for pre-order now.

Nathan Holmes is the sheriff of Villa Hollow. His town, his world, is normally rather quiet, until Dr. Lester moves in. Soon, he can’t go an hour without the tendrils of her thoughts intruding in his mind. He even has to perform meditative exercise to keep from knowing when she’s hungry. Added to that, the Coalition has taken her in their sights. He has every reason to keep his distance, but will listen to none of them.Dr. Josephine Lester moves into the town of Villa Hollow to open her psychiatric practice. In her line of work, she expects odd. She expects disturbed. What she doesn’t expect is a sleepwalking vampire, a haunted house, or a coalition of people working against the paranormal element to try to run her out of town.

If she leaves, where does the vegetarian werewolf go when she is distraught over eating meat? To whom does the poor housewife seeing little green men turn?

If she stays, will the handsome telepathic sheriff help her keep her sanity?

Paratherapist: At Your Service

Paratherapist: At Your Service

Welcome to Villa Hollow.  Use the links below to read excerpts of Paratherapist:At Your Service.

Meet the Heroine – Josie

Meet the Hero – Nathan

Meet the heroine’s best friend

Meet the antagonist


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