Day 4 – Share and Like drive (meet the antagonist)

We’ve had a great response to the excerpts.  The word is spreading!!

Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

Let’s continue the momentum by meeting the one of the antagonists.

“If you don’t stop harassing the paranormal shops, John, we’re going to have to have words.” This wasn’t the first time John Nansemond tried to persuade the prominent citizens of the paranormal community to out the others who wished to remain quiet.

Alex’s family was one of the prominent ones.  His mother maintained a hand in local politics even after her term on the council had ended.  More than once she’d thwarted identification legislation proposed by the Coalition Against Paranormal People, or CAPP as they preferred to be called.

The telepathic ability Alex inherited from his mother had come in handy on more than one occasion. People in stressful conditions, such as encountering a curious police officer, inevitably thought about the crimes they were committing.  Like now all John Nansemond could think about was the shops he’d already visited today. He’d left Mrs. McCarthy, the seamstress, in tears.  She would be Alex’s next stop.

“We have a right to know who we’re associating with,” John protested.

“You want anyone from a paranormal family to wear a scarlet “P” on their chest.”

“It doesn’t have to be red.”

“No, John. No.” Alex pulled out his cuffs and waved them in front of John’s nose. “If I catch you at it again, you get to wear these and you’ll spend the night in jail. You’re welcome to bring it up at the next town meeting. See how far you get.”

“I might just do that.” As John strode away, he pulled out his cell phone.

Alex climbed into his vehicle and made the report. The coalition had to keep stirring up trouble. They wouldn’t stop until every paranormal person was either marked and coded or run out of town. People got riled up over things they didn’t understand all the time. As frustrating as it was, he couldn’t allow it to rile him up as well.

He watched from his car as Josie left All Natural and entered Mama’s Deli. Although she hadn’t committed any crime he was aware of, the woman shouted her thoughts every second of every day. Proximity made no difference. It was as if his brain was constantly tuned to the Josie Lester channel. He knew her every thought, need, and desire. Very often, his own thoughts mingled with hers and he’d daydream. He hadn’t daydreamed since he was ten.

She lived in the old Healey place. The others at the station had a pool on when she’d leave town. Most of the residents of that house didn’t last long.

Alex chose not to participate in the betting. He wouldn’t put money on the new doctor leaving. From what he’d heard of her thoughts, she was made of stubborn stuff.

He messaged Amelia he was on a break. Meditation might be the only answer. He wouldn’t be much use if he continued to allow the good doctor’s every stray thought to invade his mind like this.

Oh.  Who did John call?  Will Alex be able to get Josie out of his mind?

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