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Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

Now that we’ve met the heroine and hero, on day 1 and day 2, it’s time to meet the heroine’s best friend.  Meranda has come to Josie’s house in order to show off her new boyfriend, Charlie.  He’s a chef…yum.

Charlie brought over a plate of crackers with little piles of gray stuff on top. “Taste this,” he said, before leaning down and planting a kiss on his girlfriend that curled Josie’s toes and had her averting her gaze.

When he returned to the kitchen, they each tried a cracker. The gray stuff was some sort of chopped olives and peppers. Not only did it completely go with the wine, but the smells from the kitchen seemed to add a layer of flavor that had both women humming.

“Is there anything sexier than a man who can cook?” Meranda asked, so he could hear. The look he shot in her direction let Josie know her presence was the only thing keeping her friend’s clothes in place. Meranda winked at him. “Later.” He went back to stirring something on the stove

Good grief. After Meranda refilled their glasses, Josie said, “I saw something pretty sexy this morning.”

“Really?” Her friend curled her legs under her and suddenly it was like they were back in the dorm. Josie told her friend about the policeman and his little dog. When she was done, Meranda grunted in disgust.  “All you did was wave?”

“He caught me staring. What was I supposed to do?”

“Walk over and introduce yourself? Get his number?” She shook her head. “Promise me you’ll do that next time.”

“There already was a next time.” Josie winced.

“What?” Meranda and Charlie chorused.

Jeez. She needed to remember Charlie was listening. “He stopped by a couple hours later to welcome me to town.”

“He did?” Her friend grinned like the Cheshire cat. “What else happened?”


They both groaned. Josie knew her friend would have a problem, but she didn’t think Charlie would too. “I have a boyfriend. Remember Tim?”

“Blah,” Meranda said.

“Blah,” Charlie echoed.

“Tim is a selfish swine, and you should have broken up with him months ago.” She pointed a finger with her free hand. “You’ve lived here for over a week, and has he come by? Did he help you move? Charlie would never let me move by myself. Would you, dear?”


“When was the last time you talked to the pig?” she demanded.

Josie loved how her friend never pulled any punches. “I was going to call him tonight—”

“But I was coming over and he hates me. He hates me because I’m trying to bring you to your senses. How many times does he call you? You always call him.” Meranda sighed and refilled their glasses.

She wasn’t wrong, but Josie kind of liked when he didn’t call. Okay, yeah, that’s not good. What did it say that spending time with her boyfriend could be exhausting? Who knew, she might have the same feelings for anyone she dated. “I probably won’t see the sheriff again, anyway.”

“Like you said, it’s a small town. There aren’t all that many police officers in Villa Hollow. You’ll see him again.”

“Remember, don’t ask him out if he pulls you over for speeding,” Charlie chimed in, coming to stand beside his girlfriend, this time offering her a spoonful of something.

“Noted,” Josie told him while Meranda tasted.

“Oh, Charlie, that’s delicious.”

He kissed her and retrieved the utensil.

She smiled dreamily after him. “He’s so talented.”

He was. The savory scents of dinner reached a level of heaven that Josie couldn’t ignore. Maybe if Meranda distracted him, she could sneak a spoonful of something for herself.

As she stood, Charlie removed something from the oven. “Please set the table,” he said. “Dinner is served.”


Dating advice and a great meal, what are best friend’s for, right?

Now’s the time to tell all of your friends.  Share, tweet, spread the word and earn entries into the gift basket giveaway!


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