Day 1 of our Share and Retweet drive – Giveaway

Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

After checking out a book’s awesome cover, and reading the back cover, most readers flip to the first page to see if you can get into the story.  So I figured, the best way to start out our week of excerpts is to start at the beginning.  Here it goes!

Excerpt #1

The day Dr. Josephine Lester hung her sign and opened her practice was the day her life started its one hundred-eighty degree spin.

Her life had spun before, of course. Everyone’s does at one time or another. When her dad left, when she got her first F in math, when Ronny Marquez swore he loved her, and when she received the notice.

Eventually, though, all the little bits of crazy settled. She barely remembered her dad, except for his beard and the scent of vanilla. Turned out, Ronny Marquez said that to every pretty girl. The less said about math, the better. The notice informed her of a trust, set in place for the Lester women. It paid for college if they went to medical school, and then set up a practice in Villa Hollow for a year.

Her mom freaked when Josie told her about it. Mom had received her notice when she was a senior in high-school, like Josie, but Mom held the belief, which she got from her mother, that the town was evil.

The town where Josie now hung her adorable, if understated, sign.

The signboard itself was wooden and white with the word Psychiatrist painted in neat black letters. Not fancy, she had to admit, but she took pride in it. She’d rather have Dr. Josephine Lester on there too, but they charged by the letter. She slid the eyelets over the hooks on the post arm, and then stepped back.

Furniture delivered yesterday, check. Sign hung, check. Now she needed clients.

The paperwork from the trust insisted she live in the family house, which made things easier. At least that meant no rent. Still, she barely had enough money saved for the sign and a few new pieces of furniture.

From her vantage point on the sidewalk, she saw a police SUV in her neighbor’s driveway. She hadn’t heard any sirens. Even though she was medically trained, if an emergency was occurring they probably didn’t need her in the way. She ambled back to her porch in case something needed her attention. So okay, I’m nosy.

A uniformed policeman, complete with hat, strolled next to her neighbor, whom she hadn’t met yet, along the side of her house toward the front. As they walked, her neighbor deposited a squirming small bundle of white fur into his arms. It started to lick his face. The cop’s broad shoulders and soft grin had Josie sighing. What was sexier than a hot guy with a little dog?

The cop looked up at her, freed a hand, and touched it to the brim of his hat. Dang, he caught me looking.  The neighbor followed his gaze and waved. Dang.

She smiled and waved back, hoping they couldn’t see her flaming cheeks from that distance.

Maybe her coffee was ready. She ducked inside before she felt obligated to walk over and say hello. Almost time to open her practice.

All right!  Share and retweet this excerpt to put your name in the hats to win one of the two gift baskets!

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