Share and Re-tweet drive for Once Upon a Couch

Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

Available December 10, 2012 wherever eBooks are sold

Hi everyone, Once Upon A Couch will be released in a week!!  December 10, 2012!!  Please excuse the exclamation points, but I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

I have two gift baskets for giveaways.  All sorts of wonderful things that a person can use to de-stress. (Chocolate, potpourri, etc)  Almost every item in the basket has relevance in the book. One basket will be given away to retweeters, the other given away to Facebook “share”rs.

For Facebook users, please make sure you “like” it too.  I want to be sure I’ve got your name.
For every re-tweet or share of my promotional messages, and I will tell you what they are, you’ll be entered into a contest to win one of the gift baskets.

Every day you’ll have an opportunity to enter, to share or retweet with your friends to get the book buzz started.

Excerpts will be posted on my website every day this week. It links to my Facebook page and my Twitter page.  That makes two chances to win a day!

Okay, let’s start it off!  Retweet or share this post and you will have your first entry.

The drive ends December 10, the release day for Once Upon a Couch.  The winners will be announced on December 11.

Let’s get out and spread the word about this wonderful, light paranormal Romance!  Tell your friends and don’t forget to preorder on your own copy here!

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