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Life is made up of small adventures.

Take Sunday for example.  We woke to our dogs making a terrible fuss.   Our home is on one corner of our land, then there’s our driveway, and then there is a field that is adjacent to the road.  To walk the perimeter of the field is a quarter mile. The dogs were fussing at a truck parked on the road in front of our field.

It happens often enough that we didn’t think anything of it until the driver gets out and is pacing beside his vehicle.  So, my husband and I drive down to see if he needs any help.  As it turns out, the fellow was trying to call his hunting dogs back to him.  He had been hunting coyotes and he couldn’t get his dogs to return.

Please understand that where we live coyote hunting is necessary, because the population can get out of control and endanger humans and their pets and farm animals.  We wished him well, but asked him to refrain from hunting on our land.  (We’ve had more than one stray bullet embed itself in our wall.  Just a side effect of living where we do.)

Not that we didn’t trust the guy, but as I’ve said we’ve had issues before, so my husband and I pull on our blaze orange and set about working in the field.  We’ve been trying to create a hedgerow along the road to discourage four wheeling.

To that end, we relocate bushes that grow wild in the field to the row.  One of the more prevalent bushes has large thorns, but beautiful smelling flowers in the spring.  I have no idea of the name.

We move three.  He has a shovel and I’m using a hammer-like tool to break away any rocks.  My husband is doing most of the heavy lifting.  While I’m standing beside him I can’t help but look around.  I’m waiting for a coyote to bolt out of the woods toward us.  I’m on edge.

When I glance back at my husband, who is now setting the bush in place I see what appear to be flies all around him. (This can happen if you are working too close to road kill.  We know from experience)

“You are getting swarmed by flies,” I say.

He says, “That’s weird.”

I scan the tree line again.

Then he says, “Ow.”

My gaze darts back to him and I see the insects for what they really are, “Oh my God, they’re bees!”

Even as I shout he is already running, a cloud of angry yellow jackets swarming behind him.  Then they turn on me.

I hear my husband yelling for me to run and I do.  In my panicked mind, I didn’t want the bees that are chasing me to find him.  So I angle away.  Running for all I’m worth.  I hear him yelp again and I turn to see the cloud is gone, but his cream colored sweatshirt is dotted with black.

“I can’t get them off,” he shouts.

Without thinking, I run toward him.  He’s still swatting at his clothes.  I approach at a run, flailing at him with the only thing I had on hand…the bushes.  Steps away from him my boots catch on something.  I slide into the brush at his feet.  Rising to my knees, I swat at him over and over.  Knocking winged assailants to the ground with every blow.

Finally, the danger ebbs and we are left gasping for air.  My husband smiles at my choice of weapon.  “Pricker bushes.  I’m being stung by yellow jackets and you beat me with pricker bushes.”

I look at what are now merely thorny twigs in my hand and realize my other hand is empty.  “Good thing I dropped the hammer.”

The poll is ready!

All right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to vote.  Please look at these pictures and let me know which one I should send in for the cookbook advertisements.  I know they are all very similar.  That’s why it’s so difficult for me to choose.

Meatloaf Image 1

Meatloaf Image 2

Meatloaf Image 3

Meatloaf Image 4

So have at it.  This is my first poll so I’m not sure how well it will work.  🙂

Thank you for voting!!

Passionate Cooks

Recently, I had the opportunity to submit my meatloaf recipe for the All Romance eBooks’ new promotional cookbook, Passionate Cooks: Recipes from Today’s Hottest Romance Authors.  Of course, I jumped at the chance.  I was notified of my recipe’s acceptance a short time later.

Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure to review some of the other selected recipes and I have to say, they all look incredibly yummy.  Over 150 recipes from some amazing authors.  And the book is free.

Now here is where I need your help.  I’ve been asked to submit a picture of my meatloaf.  Last night I followed my recipe to the letter and the loaf came out perfect.  Instead of serving it from the pan as I’ve done on so many occasions, I moved it to a platter and took picture after picture.  I need to decide which picture looks the best.  I will be creating a poll later today so everyone can help me choose.  Check my new Passionate Cooks page later to vote.

Chocolate should be packed in first aid kits

I first wrote this post for my personal blog, but as I’m on a roll with my current work in progress…enjoy.


I live mostly in my head. When I reveal that I work with computers for a living and have a secondary career as a novelist, people tend to respond with the all knowing “Ah.” As if that explains it all.

It explains why I have a distant stare in tranquil moments. It explains why, out of a peaceful silence I’ll explode with an “Oh, that’s why…” then go quiet again while I scribble frantically. It also explains why I prefer not to have drama in the house if I can help it. Unfortunately, attempting to curtail the insanity often brings it on full blast.

You see, mediating flaring tempers needs to be done with the lightest touch. As if working with sweating dynamite. Sentences formed exactly so, spoken with just the right inflection. All body language relaxed and reassuring so all parties can tell that you understand. A micro expression at the wrong moment can cause a chain reaction. – BANG–

I’ll be spending the next hour or so in my room with a cold cloth over my eyes and chocolate at my side.

Quirk on Amazon

Last night, for a few hours, Creatures of the Moon disappeared from

The issue appears to be resolved. Though, I have to say, I was more than a little worried. Thankfully, everything seems to be sorted out now.

I hope everyone enjoys the last holiday of summer, and can spend at least part of this American Labor Day relaxing with family and friends.

Newspaper Article

Today, weeks after a lovely interview over the phone, an article about Creatures of the Moon is in the Scranton Sunday Times. It’s a small column on the bottom left corner of the front of the Lifestyle section.

20120902-203440.jpgOnce again I did a happy dance in public. “It’s in the paper!” I call out while grabbing a stack of papers and wiggling. Of course everyone in the place is now looking at me so I have to explain. I deposit my papers on the counter and hold up the lifestyle section for everyone to see. “My paranormal romance was published and the interview for it is in the paper.”

A fellow clapped. A couple people others looked at the page. And the cashier called me famous.

I’m not, of course, but it was still so very cool of her to say.

It’s exciting. I just hope that the people who will read Creatures of the Moon will enjoy it and tell their friends.

20120902-203449.jpgFor those of you who’ve come to the site to learn more about my book, welcome.