Walking Epiphany

This morning started fine and then turned on its end.  I will not share the aspects of the upheaval.  Suffice it to say, it upset me enough to go for a walk.

I’m not a walker, per se.  I like the idea of it.  Once I’m in the groove, I really like it.  It’s just getting moving that’s the actual problem.  It’s so much easier to sit, you see.

We live in the semi-middle of nowhere.  I say semi now, because I drove through the middle of nowhere Utah on our cross country trip in 2011, and with one house per freeway exit, that is definitely more nowhere than here.  Anyway, we have a three acre field on a slope that my husband mowed a walking track into.  This morning I used the track.

As I walked, I listened to the recording of Nora Robert’s RWA Nationals 2010 keynote address.  I walked for a half hour so I only made it through half of the speech, but what I heard was inspirational.

Writing has always been difficult.  Promotion has always been a nightmare.  Readers will love what you write or hate what you write for the same reasons as they always have.  My interpretation of how to deal with this is to accept the publishing insanity and know that I’m writing the best book that I can.  Focus on the work, because I can make a difference there.

The answer to dealing with this morning’s drama is very much the same.  Focus on what I can do something about.  So, I made the necessary calls and I’m pleased to report that I’m on my way to a solution.

Now, I’m ready to face the day…after I put some ice on my knees.

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