The Haunting Allure of Shoes

I’ve never been a “girly” girl.  I rarely wear skirts or dresses.  I’ve worked on cars, butchered meat, snaked our drain from the clean-out, and cleaned up all variety of…well, let’s just leave it as I’m a mother of two and I own two dogs.

My day job allows me to work from home, and frankly, the ability to work sans makeup is a major perk.

Shoes from Zappos. Very close to the ones I fell in love with at the store.

This past weekend I took my kids school shopping and we ended up spending an inordinate amount of time in the shoe store.  My daughter apparently received the “girly” inclinations I lack.  After she tried on a few pairs of shoes, something strange happened.   I began to ooh and aah.

We aren’t talking the shoes from the discount warehouse store.  These were slick leather and soft suede.  Rich colors and enchanting smells.  What’s more, I looked great in them.  They spiced up the jeans I wore and made my rear look amazing.

I wasn’t expecting this reaction.  This week our budget is slated for back to school.  So, unfortunately, we only purchased the school shoes we needed.

However, the shoes are still calling to me.  The tan strappy pumps.  The blue suede wedges.  These really neat slipper-like house shoes that had a sole so I could wear them when I walk to get the mail.  They are whispering over the miles, “Come and get us.  You know you want us.”  I think I’ll have to return next month to get a pair of them.  Okay, maybe two.

My husband loves it.  He pretends to be impatient, but I think he enjoys watching me struggle with the unexpected excitement.

I don’t know where this came from.  Or why is it that, out of nowhere, the bling that never interested me before is suddenly calling to me?  Last month I began painting my nails pretty metallic shades.  They are currently an awesome frosted green.  This month it’s shoes.  If I start wearing dresses or putting bows in my hair, I think I’ll have to see a doctor.

Have you ever developed a passion for something unexpected?

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