Happy Release Day!

Creatures of the Moon is now available for purchase!

Amazon                                   Barnes and noble

Google eBooks                        Diesel-eBooks

Sony eBook store                   Powell’s Books


In days of old, ten years ago, authors would hold release parties. My understanding of these parties is that their purpose was to network with reviewers and readers as well as celebrate.

I don’t personally know any reviewers. However, in this new day of the internet every reader has the opportunity to be the reviewer. So today is a virtual party for all of you, the presant day book reviewers.

I’ll be back throughout the day to answer questions and serve up some tidbits.

3 thoughts on “Happy Release Day!

    1. Kristine Post author

      Thanks for asking Kay. That is a question with two answers. 🙂

      My favorite part while conceiving the story is the very last line of the novel. It came to me even before most of the plot.

      My very favorite part to write was her first night of the full moon and the following morning. The description involved in that section of the book was, to quote my critique partner, “delicious.”


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