Character histories

Tonight, I’m going to give you a little background on the characters in Creatures of the Moon. From my perspective as the writer.

To be honest, when I first began writing I didn’t think much about developing character histories. I figured they will act the way I tell them, because I say so. Well that’s good if I’m the only one reading, but when you expect others to read your work and understand your characters then the readers need the characters history.

I wanted Lydia to have a difficult time adjusting to her circumstances. At least until there is no longer anything she can do about it. Then she needed to accept it and know the value of ‘deal with it and move on.’ So, I made her a foster child. No family. No real ties. Able to deal when faced with intolerable situations.

Ryan, on the other hand, needed to be the rock. The stable one in the face of the chaos. So, he gets the loving family. He knows value of family having your back.

This is one of the ways they clash. Just one of the obstacles they face.

Richer character histories make for richer character development and conflict.