Excerpt #1


This post is a little late in the day, but it is still day Nine of our ten day countdown.  For your reading pleasure, an excerpt of Creatures of the Moon.


A fierce growl echoed around the glade. Before Lydia could drop the cookie and pull her gun, a huge mass of black fur leapt on her. Pain seared her right shoulder as the beast bit. Claws raked her legs and the momentum pushed her onto the ground beside the stump she’d leaned against a second before.

She struggled.

It released its grip on her shoulder.  Opened gashes across her cheek and nose.

Choking down searing pain and fear, she focused on her defense. She raised her left arm to protect her face while reigning blows against the unyielding fur.

It bit hard on her shoulder and wrenched its head like a dog with a rag. She screamed as her shoulder popped.  Bucking she brought her knees up then kicked out.  Awash in the agony she groped for her gun.

Cold metal pressed against her back where her shirt had ridden up. With great effort, she reached with her right hand, her left arm now useless. Her fingers slid around the grip, years of training coming to the fore and overshadowing the pain. She lifted the weapon and fired into the fur.


Tomorrow, excerpt two.