This is actually real

Every now and then I think about something to do to promote my book. ( Creatures of the Moon, to be released July 23) and I get hit by the realization that I’m an author. I’ve been a writer. But being published makes it more serious for me. For my family too…

My parents are proud of me in a much bigger way than when I finished the book. ( only others in the publishing world know how big that is). Hubby and kids will give me more space when i say I’m writing. Not a lot of space, but hey baby steps right. They do respect when I say I have a deadline. That’s huge.

Every now and then though I get a moment when I think wholly crap, this is real. I really have a book coming out. And I’m really working on two more.

It makes me wonder if other people in this situation stop and think “this is so cool, and it’s real.”

Have any of you had that feeling?