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Happy Release Day!

Creatures of the Moon is now available for purchase!

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In days of old, ten years ago, authors would hold release parties. My understanding of these parties is that their purpose was to network with reviewers and readers as well as celebrate.

I don’t personally know any reviewers. However, in this new day of the internet every reader has the opportunity to be the reviewer. So today is a virtual party for all of you, the presant day book reviewers.

I’ll be back throughout the day to answer questions and serve up some tidbits.

Character histories

Tonight, I’m going to give you a little background on the characters in Creatures of the Moon. From my perspective as the writer.

To be honest, when I first began writing I didn’t think much about developing character histories. I figured they will act the way I tell them, because I say so. Well that’s good if I’m the only one reading, but when you expect others to read your work and understand your characters then the readers need the characters history.

I wanted Lydia to have a difficult time adjusting to her circumstances. At least until there is no longer anything she can do about it. Then she needed to accept it and know the value of ‘deal with it and move on.’ So, I made her a foster child. No family. No real ties. Able to deal when faced with intolerable situations.

Ryan, on the other hand, needed to be the rock. The stable one in the face of the chaos. So, he gets the loving family. He knows value of family having your back.

This is one of the ways they clash. Just one of the obstacles they face.

Richer character histories make for richer character development and conflict.

Introducing Kristine Overbrook

This post was done at the request of my publisher, Crimson Romance.  On the Ladies in Red blog, I’ve posted a bit more about myself.

Follow the link to learn a little more about me.  Then stay and learn about my fellow Crimson Romance authors, their books and the romance genre in general.


Excerpt #2

Yesterday, was our official day eight of our countdown, but we had several power outages.  So, today you get two posts.  First the promised second excerpt from Creatures of the Moon.

Gunshots rang through the woods just ahead. He burst from the trees and leapt onto the hairy back of the staggering beast. Ryan sank his fangs into its flesh and yanked its head back.

Blood spurted and claws reached around in an attempt to dislodge him. They pierced the skin of his neck. Suddenly, it flipped him onto the ground.  The beast leapt atop him.

Ryan stabbed his claws into the beast’s abdomen just as teeth closed on his throat. Instead of a crushing bite, the Bestial Butcher threw his head back in a howl of pain.

Using this opportunity, Ryan pushed his way to a standing position and slashed at the Butcher’s neck. Blood gushed from the wound. The beast grabbed its throat with one clawed hand and made to slash at Ryan with the other.  Then at the last-minute, it ran into the woods.

Ryan roared in frustration and started after it. However, a frightened moan behind him caught his attention.

Lydia lay on the ground, her gun in the grass next to her. Her eyelids fluttered. Puncture wounds on her shoulder glistened in the firelight. Ryan cursed. The beast had bitten her.

Tonight she would start her transformation. Ryan shook his head and knelt by her blood-covered body. In that moment, he knew he would have to get closer to her than he’d ever hoped.

Excerpt #1


This post is a little late in the day, but it is still day Nine of our ten day countdown.  For your reading pleasure, an excerpt of Creatures of the Moon.


A fierce growl echoed around the glade. Before Lydia could drop the cookie and pull her gun, a huge mass of black fur leapt on her. Pain seared her right shoulder as the beast bit. Claws raked her legs and the momentum pushed her onto the ground beside the stump she’d leaned against a second before.

She struggled.

It released its grip on her shoulder.  Opened gashes across her cheek and nose.

Choking down searing pain and fear, she focused on her defense. She raised her left arm to protect her face while reigning blows against the unyielding fur.

It bit hard on her shoulder and wrenched its head like a dog with a rag. She screamed as her shoulder popped.  Bucking she brought her knees up then kicked out.  Awash in the agony she groped for her gun.

Cold metal pressed against her back where her shirt had ridden up. With great effort, she reached with her right hand, her left arm now useless. Her fingers slid around the grip, years of training coming to the fore and overshadowing the pain. She lifted the weapon and fired into the fur.


Tomorrow, excerpt two.