The Call

The Call – the notification an author receives when a publisher wants to publish their book.

Since I started writing, I always dreamed about getting “the call.”  I would go to meetings and listen to published writers tell their stories and dream of one day getting it myself.

Seven years ago I began a book called Creatures of the Moon.  Another night of dishes, dinner, laundry and various other “emergencies” had me ready to explode.  The image of a mother “wolfing out” sprang to mind.  After playing around with the image, a story evolved.  It follows the romance of a female detective who is bitten by a werewolf and the sexy male reporter that helps her through the transformation, they then team up and stop the bad guy.

I joined a writers group and realized that most of my preconceptions of writing and publishing were wrong.  So I wrote, revised and learned.  After finishing my first draft, I celebrated.  Then I realized the revisions I would have complete before I dared put it before someone in the publishing world.  After a while with no takers I set it aside and wrote another book.

Then another.

The whole while I didn’t let that first book go.  Over the years, I’ve grown as a writer.  I’ve gotten better at crafting a story and learned about the business of publishing.

One day I got a notification that Adams Media was launching a romance imprint called Crimson Romance.  I pulled out Creatures of the Moon and submitted it.  Why not, right?

Forty days later, I got the e-mail.  In my case it wasn’t a call.  Good thing too, because if it were a call I would not have been able to talk coherently for a full two minutes.  At least I could read and reread the e-mail.  To myself, my husband, my kids, my parents, you get the idea.  Then, of course, there was the hooting, squealing and dancing.

Just like finishing the book, it’s a momentous occasion.  Just like finishing the book, it starts a whole new world of growth and learning.

The call – the start of a new adventure.

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